Process of registration

Process of registration

The main question that beginners ask is How to start Forex trading. The first step of trading starts with having an account on the Best forex trading platform. The online registration process is a quick and easier method to start forex trading. Here are the steps that are very basic and will step by step guide you in the process of online registration of a trading account.

STEP 1: Please fill in your application

To start with the online registration process, start with the filling up your application form. This can be one by clicking on the ‘Open Account’ option that appears on the right corner of the screen. You can also start this process by choosing the Sign-Up option.

STEP 2: Submit verification documents

The next step will ask you to fill up your personal information. The personal data is essential and should be filled carefully. The data entered should be updated and relevant. You should also fit in the age criteria to open the Forex trading account. This is the KYC step where you will choose your username and set a password for your account. Make sure the name matches with identity proof you have. Every detail you enter should be double checked.

STEP 3: Receiving login information

Check your mail as you will receive the confirmation link after you have successfully entered your username and password. In case you do not receive any mail, check the spam folder. Your verification will only be completed after you have confirmed your mail ID.

STEP 4: First deposit is necessary for trading

After you have completed the verification process, you need to make your first deposit. Choose the type of account you want and then deposit your first amount. The details of your account will contain details such as:

  • Account Number
  • Type of Account (Real or Demo)
  • Currency(Euro or USD)
  • Leverage
  • Account Balance

STEP 5: Start trading

Once you have finished all the above registration processes, you are now free to trade worldwide. Forex is a very convenient way of trading. Connect with the best forex traders and enjoy trading as never before.

If you follow this step by step guide, you can effortlessly start trading from your online account.

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