Account verification for Forex

Let the thing be very clear that an unverified account not only enjoys a limited opportunities given to you by Forex4Money but also under the threat of getting discontinued. Yes, even if account verification isn’t obligatory as of now, it is always better to get it secured by providing all necessary supporting documents.

It is quite a simple process. All you need is to scan the address and identity proof and mail it to Forex4Money. You can go through the list of valid Address and Identity proofs in the annexure mentioned here. The list is as per the guidelines issued by the Govern of India.

We will inspect the documents and send you the confirmation (or objections if any). Usually, the timeline of 72 hours is taken to complete the procedure. If we need some additional documents, then also you are informed about it accordingly.

There are two levels of verifications, the first and the second. Both levels have a different set of requirements and to pass the second level; you are supposed to pass the first level mandatorily. Read our Verify Account procedure to know about the details of it.

Points to ponder

Always keep the following things into consideration while sending verification documents:

  • Colored scanned copy should be submitted to us for verification. Don’t forget to scan both sides of the document.
  • No additions, scratch-outs, manipulations or erasures are allowed in the document.
  • Photographs should be of high quality.
  • There should not be a difference in the details amongst the documents.
  • Validity should expire after at least 6 months of applying for account verification.
  • Send only accepted file formats (refer the annexure). The file size should be limited to 2MB.

These are a few indicative rules. Please read the procedure before sending account verification documents.

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