Forex Account comparison

As far as types of account are concerned, there are two accounts to compare. Each account has its specialties and limitations.

Demo Account

The best (and safe) way of practicing tricks and knacks of FOREX Trading is to start practicing on a demo account first. Experts say that it is always better having two demo accounts for good results. Trading account is a mirror reflection (up to a great extent) of the demo account. Hence, to get a command over the rules of the game, you must practice on it.

At Forex4Money, we offer fantastic demo accounts that sharpen your trading skills so that you can do better in the live trading environment. Since the loss and gain both are fictitious in the demo account, you don’t have the risk of losing a single penny.

Live account

When you open a live account in a FOREX trading platform, every account carries its own personality and special features. You have your own goals, and the choice of account depends on several features such as the type of the investor, amount to be invested and the ability to take risks. Each parameter reveals a separate window of opportunity in the amazing world of currency trading. Whether you a small investor or an investor with deep pockets, a seasoned player or a novice; there are several categories of live trading accounts that open gateways to the financial aspirations of investors.

You need to be clear about your expectations with FOREX trading before opening an account. Your strategy and style largely depend on the returns expected.

We have a variety of live accounts with varying minimum deposits, stop levels (limits), commissions and spreads. You need to choose the most suitable one that fulfills the aspirations and expectations. Compare them to finalize the best one.

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