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Trade with Security, Privacy and Confidence at Forex4Money

Forex4Money believes in excellent customer service and is devoted to protecting its client’s funds and security. We invest great efforts in providing the highest level of security and ongoing defense from extreme volatility in the market.

Below you will find some of the measurements we employ in order to enhance our clients’ protection:

Segregated Bank Accounts

All of our client capital is utterly separated from company capital and is kept with leading banks to ensure its safety.

Negative Balance Protection

With this legally binding policy our clients know that they can never lose more than their investment and can rest assure that their accounts will never go into minus, even in circumstances of extreme volatility.

Margin Protection in Real Time

By implementing advanced technology and automated precautions, Forex4Money clients can use their accounts’ full margin. Limits are strictly and constantly monitored to prevent any risk of negative balance.

Prudent Risk Management

Our financial experts and trained teams ensure that neither our business nor our clients are left overly exposed to any monetary disruption. We are fully prepared to handle potential turbulence in the market without any disruption to our many trading services.

These important security measures together with our unparalleled customer service and superb trading conditions enable Forex4Money to remain a genuine market leader. We always have our customers’ best interest at heart and will continue to offer them the highest standards of security, privacy and safety.

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