Forex Trading FAQs

There are various considerable elements that need to be known while you may be dealing with forex. Before you dive into the regular updates of your investments, it may be important to recognize several basics of forex. These include some commonly used terms and concepts that need to be understood.

A Contract for Difference or CFD is known to be an agreement among the considerable two parties who may have agreed to exchange the difference between the closing price and opening price of a contract. CFDs are known to be derivative products that let you conduct trade on live movements among market prices. All this is done without really having the ownership of any underlying instruments with regards to the contract.

CFDs can be used for speculating future changes in the market prices irrespective of the rise or fall in the underlying markets or the profits due to increasing price. However, with the wide variety of markets we offer you may be able to access markets like never before. With us you will have CFDs for indices, shares and commodities.

Forex is known to be the abbreviated term used for Foreign Exchange. It is basically the process of selling and buying currencies. The foreign exchange market is known to be the most liquid and the largest market in the world. The forex market operates 24 hours continually through Friday from Sunday night. It comprises of currency speculators, central banks, government, organizations, international and retail investors. Over all these years, the size of forex market has been growing constantly.

Forex is known to be traded in currency pairs while CFDs are financial instruments that are known to be valued in specific considered currencies. EUR/USD (Euro/US Dollar), USD/JPY (US Dollar/Japanese Yen), EUR/JPY (Euro/Japanese Yen), GBP/USD (Great British Pound/US Dollar), and AUD/USD (Australian Dollar/US Dollar) comprise some of the common currency pairs. Such financial instrument or

During North American and European winter time, this weekly activity is supposed to begin at 22:00 GMT on Sunday and continues until 21:00 GMT on Friday. However, during Day Light Saving here, the market time changes to begin on 21:00 GMT on Sunday and continues till 20:00 on Friday. The activity hours may vary as per unusual liquidity conditions and public holidays or events that are likely to arise from various global events. With the purpose of risk management or due to liquidity, Forex4money may alter the closing and opening times. While most of the instruments are traded 24 hours, there may be a few which are traded as per special trading hours.

To be able to conduct trading all you would need is a funded trading account and internet connection. In addition to this, it is suggestible to acquire suitable knowledge and information about Forex and CFD trading along with various other financial instruments that may be included. Appropriate knowledge and trading tools will let you minimize the risks involved.

What is the minimum age to be able to trade?

A pip is known to be an incremental price movement which carries a specific value which is dependent on the considerable market. In simple words, it is the standard unit of measurement for recognizing the change in value in the exchange rate.

Originally, pip was considered as the smallest that would be done to a FX price. However, with the arrival of other precise pricing methods, this original definition does not hold importance. Traditionally, FX prices had been quoted for a set of decimal places that most commonly include four decimal places. A pip was originally considered as a one point movement in the last decimal place that has been quoted.

Many brokers are now known to quote forex price for an extra decimal value. However, it may now be clear that pip is no longer the final decimal place in a value. It continues to be a standardized value across various platforms and among different brokers which makes it an important unit of measure. Without such a unit of measure, there are chances that apples would be compared to oranges. When considering generic points pip certainly holds relevance. This measuring unit is essential for margin calculation at various points.

A spread is known to be the difference between the Selling price and Buying price of two considerable instruments. For instance, if EUR/USD is being traded at 1.3098 (selling price) and 1.3100 (buying price) then the spread would be 2 pips.

Going “long’ refers to the situation when a trader buys any asset expecting a rise in its future value. It is often addressed as opening a long position. On the other hand, opening a short position or going “short” is when the trader sells away their asset expecting a decline in its price so that it could be bought later in future at a price that is comparatively lower.

Unlike equities market the Forex market operates without a central location. The considerable transactions are known to take place over the internet mostly via mobile devices. This market is known to be available 24 hours a day.

There are different ways in which prices can change. The value of an asset could be affected due to various political and economic conditions. Also, they could change considering inflation, interest rates, demand and supply.

No. At Forex4money, orders will not be executed when the underlying markets are closed.

No. During several market conditions that may be laden with greater volatility due to reasons like communication latency, internet where market orders cannot be executed at the price that may have been requested. In order to avoid any situations where a position may be opened with a market price that is different than the one requested, the order is likely to be rejected. This is done as a precaution against any unwanted market orders that may thereafter allow the trader to execute further trade at a price they may expect. If limited orders cannot be executed at the exact requested price, they are generally known to be executed at the nearest price possible.

At Forex4money, no indirect charges or fees are levied on the basis of Index based CFDs and trading community. The costs for clients are derived solely based on spreads. It may be generally displayed on your trading screen.

In precious metals spot markets and forex markets, rollover is known to be the procedure of extending the date of settlement for an open position when it may have reached its value date. In case of most of the financial spot trades and currencies, opening a position takes about two business days after the execution date. The settlement period could be extended up to two additional business days by rolling over the position. Like Forward Mechanism, the rollover process is known to involve adjustments because of difference in interest rates based on the type of position you may hold.

Any CFD products that may include commodities or future based indices are known to be open until the expiry of its underlying asset and are supposed to be closed after that. CFDs that may be based on these products cannot be rolled over and Forex4money does not charge any fees or rollover premiums. Unlike commodity/index based CFDs, CFDs for stocks (shares) are known to be exposed to overnight financing.

Binary options could be expressed as exciting simple methods of trading in the financial markets. However, this is determined by the fact that whether the price of an asset would close above or below the current price within a specific time period. Binary options are often easy to execute and very profitable.

If you think that the price of any asset would close above the current price up to expiration, you may buy a call option.

If you think that the price of any asset would close down below the current price until expiration you may buy the Put option.

In case your speculation for an asset’s price is correct at the time of expiry, you would be ‘in-the-money’.

If the market reacts in the opposite direction from your prediction about the price of an asset at the time of expiry; you’re said to be ‘out-of-the-money’.

Your loses will never exceed the amount of your investment. In addition to this, there are several options that even pay you back 10 percent amount of your investments if they went wrong.

You will be considered “At-the-money” if the option rate and expiration rate of your option are exactly the same. In considerable situations, you may be refunded 50 percent of your initial investments.

You can choose to trade any amount of your choice ranging between $10 and $1000 based on your risk tolerance and confidence level.

If your predictions turn out to be correct, you would receive the payout that may have been set out for that specific asset and time period. It is usually 70-90 percent of the trade value.

At Forex4money, you are offered with over 25assets upon which you can enjoy binary option trades. These include EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, Gold, Oil, S&P500 and many more.

An underlying asset is the considerable financial instrument on which the price of an option may be based.

Expiry time refers to the date and time when an option would expire. Your loss or payout would be calculated based on the expiry time and your account would be updated automatically.

The time zone set for expiry time is GMT.

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