Forex4Money Terms and Conditions

We endeavor to bring forward all the best elements, tools, support and services so that our clients could make out the most in prevailing financial markets with smart investments and appreciable returns. However, while you make your investments with us, there are several important terms and conditions and regulations that need to be considered. Before you dive into the forex market, it is suggestible to get through these.

With Forex4money almost all products are known to be traded over a period of 24 hours without a break. This considers market opening on Sunday 22:00 GMT, and closing on Friday 21:00 GMT. There are considerable variations in trading hours depending on public holidays, seasonal time variations, unusual liquidity due to unexpected events. There could however be several products that are traded only during specific hours.

At Forex4money you would be offered with leveraged trading services with respect to a wide range of financial instruments. These include Forex, commodities, precious metals and index based CFDs. This way you can trade for significant positions with accounts that are modestly sized.

“Margin” turns out to be collateral that could cover up losses that you incur and lets your hold and manage a value that is much greater than your actual account. Thus you have a chance of generating significant profits. Leverage sometimes acts like a double-edged sword, just the way it improves profits, it can also amplify losses. Excessive leverage could create greater chances of risks.

If you hold an account with us, you will be entitled to the Negative Balance Protection program. Your margin requirements are automatically calculated by our platform way before the execution of any orders and the availability of funds is also checked. Considering potential risks, specific margin requirements would be taken into account. This is probably the reason for increased margin requirements around or during trading breaks.

Contract Expiry

Clients are given the benefits of CFD online along with other considerable trading options. CFDs are known to be limited to a certain amount of time and come along a date of expiry. After the expiry date no such accounts could be traded and all positions need to be closed.

Order Execution Policy

When the market price reaches the price indicated within an order like buy stop, buy limit, sell stop or sell limit, the orders are instantly executed with regards to the price shown in the order. Executing orders could be impossible on client’s request under specific or prevailing market conditions.

Closing Forex Transactions

If in case the client does not complete the open Forward and Spot Transactions until they reach their value date, they are likely to be rolled over for two additional business days. Consequently, the open transactions would be rolled over for two additional business days until FIH closes the account as per agreed terms of the contract.


Hedging refers to opening two transactions with the same underlying asset or currency pair in different directions irrespective of time or quantity. Hedging transactions may be taken into consideration for calculating the minimum margin on “net” or cumulative basis.

While you may be planning to enter the forex market, these guidelines are likely to hold importance.

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