While you may be interested in entering into the forex market and deriving the best profits with smart investments, at Forex4money, we offer you with several different types of accounts based on your interest. It is important to understand that forex trading is something you need to pursue quite very seriously.

You should be prepared to make up the investments correctly as may be demanded. Success will not come to you so easily. You therefore need to proceed with the correct decisions, determining whether or not is a trading regimen good for you. Before you get to know the trading environment, it would be suggestible to open up a demo account rather than a live account straightforward. You can open a demo account at $50.00.

Opening a forex account would mean that you will have to be all prepared for the various aspects of investments and losses that are going to come your way through prevailing market trends. It would be rather better to be very selective about how you proceed with any further investments.

Forex4money Trading Account Types

Apart from the informative demo account option, you have three main forexlive accounts. Based on the size of positions you want to create, you may choose from these and start with your investments in the financial markets. No matter what account type you select, you would need to practice considerably in order to make sure that you successfully drive in profits. You may select suitable ones from the following account types:

Mini Account

Mini accounts are known to be small-cap accounts that let the traders to enter into the market with the least monetary investment. You can start at the minimum of $100. Such accounts tend to limit the position size of the accounts to smaller lots. These accounts are perfect when the traders are seeking to minimize the risk involved.

Standard Account

As far as account nomenclature is considered, standard accounts tend to provide with the greatest variations. The minimum deposit for this forex account is known to be $2,000. Although traders are restricted for dealing with mini lots, there are some platforms that allow 1 position lot size on these accounts.

Premium Account

The premium account type is the best for high rollers. The minimum amount for this account type is $5,000. The traders with this account type generally attract a lot of bonuses and chances of more profit earnings along with greater risk bearing.

Based on the different types of accounts, you can select the ones that you think will serve your purpose well.


  • 4 pip* Tight Spread
  • Training
  • Trading signals (No)
  • Professional Assistance (No)
  • Dedicated team (Yes)
$100 - $1,999 Max Sign up


  • 2 pip* Tight Spread
  • Training
  • Trading signals (Yes)
  • Professional Assistance (Yes)
  • Dedicated team (Yes)
$5,000 and Above Sign up

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